Thursday, October 22, 2009

Butt Like Jello

Last night at work my buddies and I were playing around like always. Mersey (Cameroon) and Esther (Haiti) and I were trying to hit each other. We are just plain silly. Esther was hitting Mersey like crazy (all fun and games) and then I joined in and started hitting her as well on her side. We were all laughing and then Mersey slapped my butt (no not gay, it's a shame we females can't cut up because now everything is 'so gay'). When she did, she jumped back as if something grossed her out. She told Esther to touch my butt (like the side part, you know the saddle bag). Mersey was steadying laughing and I kind of figured what the deal was. Esther touched my side butt and said, "Ewww! wow, you are mushy! Like a sponge!" Mersey fell out laughing. I was embarrassed, but I played it off and said, "yeah, I know, it's like jello!" We all laughed, but deep down inside I my feelings were hurt.
So then I touched Mersey's saddle bags/side butt and mind you she not slim, not even close, BUT she is solid. Nothing jiggling, mushy, soft or spongy. I remember that's how I used to be, solid and tight. I took it granted.
My upper body is much tighter then my bottom. Even my torso is tighter then my thighs/butt area even though I have two rolls. Mmmm, I wonder does my husband complain or grossed out when he touches my butt? He likes slapping it and see jiggle (that's what he says).
After that scenario at work, it just made me more aware and determine to slim down and tone up. It's really awake up call. It's on now!

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