Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weigh In Week 3

So sorry guys. Life has been extremely busy and a lil hectic but not in a bad way. Internet is down, so I'm over parents place to say "hi" to you all.
All is well over here. Just doing the wifey, mommy thing. Trying to bring in extra money with this new job I have. I worked 3rd shift. Didn't want to but that's all they had. A lot of Haitians work there and the Haitian men are sooo flirtatious that it is ridiculous! I told them that I was married, but they just don't care. Come to find out one of them has a wife back in Haiti! Oh come on!!! I told my hubby several stories and we both be bagging up laughing. Saying things what I should have done or said. But honestly, one guy took it a little too far. But this one is Puerto Rican has been all in my face since I started. He tried to hug me and I kinda sorta hug, but my arms never did touch him. You know those kind of hugs where you don't embrace. Well we were walking and he tried to hug and as he did, his hand nonaccidently embraced my butt with a light squeeze. Now I'm pissed. I pushed him in his chest. He begged for my forgiveness the best he could since he barley spoke English. I told him next time I will slap him hard and report it.

Well, my weigh in for this week..Monday morning is 203. So I'm down a good 6lbs thanks to my job. I'm almost out of the 200's!

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