Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weigh In Week 5

I'm sure you all read the last post. If not then don't be alarmed that I have gained. Not happy, but not sad because it was worst a couple of days ago. So when I got on the scale this morning and saw that I gained 5lbs, I didn't feel so bad. Why? Several days ago, I was 210lbs, lol. I think it was water and salt.So now I'm more for real then ever and will knock this out the park. I had my last apple fritter from Wawa, I have tasted enough chocolate glazed doughnuts, and I don't need to see McD's, Burger King, or Dairy Queen anymore. I have cut my ties with them and said good- bye til futher notice.I received a call yesterday for a baby shower invite this weekend. This is not the same baby shower I mentioned in the last post. When I see the mother-to-be for the 6th time, lol, yes, 6, I wanna be 5lbs lighter when what I am now.Why is it during the summer, all these events pop out of no where?! I'm enjoying them, but goodness, it's always something going on !Ok, so that's it for now. Til then I'll still be on there rambling. Remember, Golden Wives Club blog is open to the public for the summer. So enjoy your week!

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