Monday, April 5, 2010

Weigh In/I hurt my foot!

I'm making this quick cuz I'm sleepy from pain medicine.

I got an x ray done on my foot cuz I thought it was broken, but it wasn't. Dr. said I bruised it up badly and to ice it. I weighed myself on Friday morning because I wanted to see where I was at. Scale said 135.8! I didn't weigh myself today because of my foot (I had to sleep on the couch).

So 135 it is! 2 weeks, 8 pounds lost! Remember I said I wasn't going to be eating meat for dinner, well I see the results! Lovely ones, I am doing this naturally. No pills, or supplements. Au natural!



3 Bits of Love:

Fran said...

Your amazing weight loss sounds like a miracle indeed! But, it proves it can be done naturally!!! The difficult part is the no meat bit...... Don't know how you do it, but it has paid off excellently for you!!! You look fab!!! All the best xxx

Myne said...

Sorry about your foot lady A, do take care.

Lady A said...

@Fran, yeah, it is! The meat part was in the making over years, so it's past due for me to cut it out. I couldn't just stop. It's all about the lifestyle changes. Thanks!
@Myne, hey faithful! Thanks for your concern. I sure will. Congrats again!