Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Addition To the Family. Congrats To Me! It's a Boy!!!!

Hello lovely people! Let's welcome Toby!!! Oh he is the best thing ever that has happened to me. Some of you all know about my health condition. If not, well it's lung, heart, and kidney disease along with rheumatoid arthritis and LUPUS, yuck!
So I have been (before I got the puppy) down, sad, discouraged, bummed, confused, suicidal, and distant from reality. I would take pain meds to numb myself. I looked at my life as a nightmare so therefore I always wanted to sleep. With the help of percocet, diladuad, tramadol and vicodine I would be SLEEPY!!! Then I started not to care about important things/people.
I am no longer on oxygen, but I'm on flolan, which is a cather in my chest (never comes out) and a lung pump machine that gives my med around the clock. It's complicated but I manage. I can't take baths, swim, and other things.
Off of that...too much...

I needed something to live for (until I get out of this slump). Most of my doctors advise me to get a puppy. It will help me out. My hubby discouraged me from getting it, but I was determine. My husband didn't know how bad off I was mentally because I put on a front and made it seem like everything is ok. Finally, after a 10 month search, I found the right pooch for me.

He's a shih tzu and is now 4 months old. All black with a little white under his chest. He came potty trained! I'm so happy to have him. It took me a while to warm up to him, but as time went on I became more confident. Toby keeps me laughing. So innocent. Getting into things. Chewing on shoes, etc. I love him. I am so happy and so are my children. Even my hubby is enjoying him. Toby is my baby. I said I wouldn't put clothes on a dog, well guess what, lol. Yup, I sure did. Brought him this pajama from Target, lol.

They say pets help the sick. I agree. Toby keeps me on my toes. I was watching a program on tv and they said that a chemical is released in your body when you rub/pet an animal and it help heal the body or something like that. Pet are very therapeutic. If you want one, please do get one.

I think I'm ready to blog took a while but I'm here.

Thanks for the comments. I will update my weight, etc....but I will say I did gain, lol...stay tuned!

Just Angela!

2 Bits of Love:

Reggie said...

I like my animals with salt and pepper.....and no, I'm not Korean and I don't want to eat your puppy.

Lady A said...

LOL!!!!! Ok, I know I'm late and wrong Reggie, but I'm finally responding! My pup is now a 12lb healthy dog, but we still call him pup or puppy. Lol, thanks!