Monday, December 7, 2009

Weigh In Week 14/Lemon & Lime

Last time I weighed in I was 184lbs. To my surprise after doing absolutely nothing I lost 3lbs. So I am now exactly 181 lbs. I can't even see how that happened. I didn't do any type of excerise nor a whole bunch of fruits and veggies. I must say I didn't eat much and my job had me hustling so I guess that was my cardio. Check this out, the night before I weighed in, I had intentions of doing 50 stomach crunches, but only did 10 crunches. I was thinking to myself as I was doing the crunches, "I am so silly, do I really think that these crunches are going to flat out my stomach in one night?!" So I stopped, that's why it was just 10 crunches, lol.

I must say I'm proud of myself. I did drop the 3lbs that I gained. So now I'm extra excited to see 170's on the scale. Btw, sorry, no pic of scale. I didn't get any batteries yet so bare with me.

This week I'm just going to do the darn thing and not give a list of do's and don'ts to myself. It's almost like a mental game when losing weight. When you don't think it you lose it, but when you think it, dream it, vision it, it seems like it may take longer.

What I will do this week is add lemon or lime to my water. Rumor has it (from good resources, ie health sites/tv shows) that by doing that it cuts the fat. Don't ask, I just do, lol. I must say it is quite refreshing. I do add a little bit of honey or sugar, but not much.

Ohhh guysss! I feel so relieved! I'm back at 181! It's going to feel good changing the Progress Status on the blog. So close to the 50lb weight loss! That's a lot of weight! Especially on the knees. Oh gosh, no wonder I was a hot tired mess.

What I look forward to the most is wearing new clothes and shoes I brought years ago in a size 9/10 and some 11/12. I can't wait for my doctors to see me either. I just hope they can reduce some of those medications I'm on. That would be great!

I want to do another makeup color for you all, but I have to wait on my camera. Also, I'll be busy again so I hope to make several entries on here.

Til then, be bless and stay wonderful!

4 Bits of Love:

Yankeenaijababe said...

@Lady A

I can imagine the joy when you finally fit into those old clothes of yours, it will happen, you know the rules. Stick to it. It will happen.

Lemon in water is good but really it helps lose the weight. I need to take notes now, for my baby weight gain when I get pregnant

I am waiting on the makeup color, keep them coming.

It's goodnite for now

I will be back.

Lady A said...

@YNC, girllll I will be beyond joyful! It has been a long time coming. Yes, I soon as I get these batteries, I will do another makeup entry. Thanks

LucidLilith said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I am so proud of you! What an inspiration to hear of your success.

Lady A said...

@Lucid, thank you!!!!!! I still have a ways to go, but I'm doing it!