Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh Dear!!! I'm Busted!

Ok, confession time.
I was doing so good before Turkey Day (Thanksgiving). I actually lost 9lbs which brought me down to 150lbs. I was so happy because I was not far from being in the 140's again. Well, well, well! That dang turkey and fixins' really fixed my tail, lol. I'm embrassed to say that I gained it all back. So now I'm 159 again. Sniff, sniff! Dang stuffing, potote salad, rice, yams, greens, gravy, turkey!!! Oh and let's not forget about my dessert plate, sniff, sniff, whaahaaaa!!!! What was I thinking?! It is what it is. Then of course you know the next day I still was eating as if I missed Thanksgiving, ugh! Double UGH!!!
I need to take a pic of my 159 self and post it. I will. Now I'm going to go and do what I need to do. My doctors will not be disappointed in my weight. I will be happy and so will they.

When I did drop the 9 pounds, these size 10 were so huge on me. I was getting excited because I knew I could be in a size 6 in no time. Now I need more time, lol, lol! Oh dear!

Yesterday and today I ate horribly. Today I had cheese curls, peanut butter jelly sandwich, candy, a juicy burger, and a sprite soda. Not used to drinking sodas, so when I did, I nearly choked. So back to pure water, my good friend.

I will try and find a recent pic. I did cut my hair. It's very low and I like it. I will show in the next post if not tonight. It's in a mohawk now.

So I'm starting my renal diet (again, lol) tommorrow. As I am typing, I am eating this coconut pie that is so darn good. I will wash it down with a cup of cold milk.

Thanks for reading!!!

Just Angela!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Start Weight Again

I believe I started my weight @ 163lbs. I was too scared to weigh myself when I did that last post because I didn't want to face the music. Ugh! Plus I was feeling down in the dumps from the weight gain.

Progress Report
So far I have been doing well, but I know it can be better. Instead of eating raw cabbage, I steam it just a bit and add a little butter for taste. Where all before I wouldn't add butter or steam it. I know I lost a couple of pounds because I feel and see how my stomach is getting smaller. I will be weighing myself Monday so stay tuned. Yes, I will take a picture of the scale w/my weight. Since I have been eating better, I have been feeling better. I drink strictly water (not in the beginning, lol). My skin looks brighter and healthier too.

Before I got serious, my weakness was eating homemade raw cookie dough. Mmm hmm good! Nothing like some tasty cookie dough. What is wrong with me, lol. Then I went through the phase of wanting a slice of chocolate cake from a local bakery. Oh lawd! Don't get me started! I would make visits to the bakery at least once a week. Shame, shame. So then later I started eating little pieces of candy. Ie, skittles, werthers, whoppers, starburst, etc...then finally I stopped. I notice when I consume sweets I start to break out in a heavy sweat.

Then finally I got the sweet tooth munchies out of my mouth. However, I started craving SALTY SNACKS! Doritos buffalo ranch, regular, chips, pretzels, heavy butter popcorn, etc...yes, I went in for the kill. Of course I paid for it. Ankles were swollen as ever! Legs tight and mouth dry. It took a while. Baby steps, right?! Cuz if I cold turkey the snacks then it will back fire and I will go on a binge.

Needles to say I have been doing a light workout. Stretching, squats, light weights and crunches when I watching t.v. I do look forward to Monday's weigh in.

Ok, stay encourage and I wish everyone the best in everything!
Thanks for reading lovely people

Lady A

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back on the Grind/ Weight Loss Operation Starts Now

I need to lose a good 15-20lbs! Yes I gained due to salty and fatty foods. When I first gained 5 pounds I thought nothing of it. No big deal, right? I can easily get that off. Well 5 pounds turned into 10 pounds and then it went to 15lbs. Oh brother!!! Arms are big, stomach hanging over, can barely get in my size 6 without using my oxygen tank and my joints are so stiff. Not good!

I know what to do, but it seems like certain foods and sweets set me back. I miss being skinny and fitting into a 4. I miss my thighs not touching. I think that is so sexy. I miss putting on anything in my closet not worrying if it's gonna fit or not. I miss having small boobs. I'm tired of pushing my big boobs into this little bra. Not a smooth look.
Arruuuggghhhh!!!! How did I let this happen :0( I know how I did.
It's ok because I will get back on my grind with it all. I haven't even weighed myself because I was too scared. However I can comfortably fit into a size 8/10. My doctors told me to get back on the renal diet because I have gained weight. So the next time I go back to the office, I would like to be very close to 130's.
Then I will reveal the before pic, lol. Ok?
Just know that I have been eating everything I should not be eating. Now it stops (after I guzzle down this root beer and see what else I can have b4 2morrow). Sad huh? Well, it is what it is. I have set my goal and I will reach it by the end of this year.

I should reward myself with a mini shopping spree. Better yet a new fragrance and a pair of shoes will do just fine.

Ok readers, keep me in your prayers as I drop the excess weight off...again.