Thursday, November 17, 2011

Start Weight Again

I believe I started my weight @ 163lbs. I was too scared to weigh myself when I did that last post because I didn't want to face the music. Ugh! Plus I was feeling down in the dumps from the weight gain.

Progress Report
So far I have been doing well, but I know it can be better. Instead of eating raw cabbage, I steam it just a bit and add a little butter for taste. Where all before I wouldn't add butter or steam it. I know I lost a couple of pounds because I feel and see how my stomach is getting smaller. I will be weighing myself Monday so stay tuned. Yes, I will take a picture of the scale w/my weight. Since I have been eating better, I have been feeling better. I drink strictly water (not in the beginning, lol). My skin looks brighter and healthier too.

Before I got serious, my weakness was eating homemade raw cookie dough. Mmm hmm good! Nothing like some tasty cookie dough. What is wrong with me, lol. Then I went through the phase of wanting a slice of chocolate cake from a local bakery. Oh lawd! Don't get me started! I would make visits to the bakery at least once a week. Shame, shame. So then later I started eating little pieces of candy. Ie, skittles, werthers, whoppers, starburst, etc...then finally I stopped. I notice when I consume sweets I start to break out in a heavy sweat.

Then finally I got the sweet tooth munchies out of my mouth. However, I started craving SALTY SNACKS! Doritos buffalo ranch, regular, chips, pretzels, heavy butter popcorn, etc...yes, I went in for the kill. Of course I paid for it. Ankles were swollen as ever! Legs tight and mouth dry. It took a while. Baby steps, right?! Cuz if I cold turkey the snacks then it will back fire and I will go on a binge.

Needles to say I have been doing a light workout. Stretching, squats, light weights and crunches when I watching t.v. I do look forward to Monday's weigh in.

Ok, stay encourage and I wish everyone the best in everything!
Thanks for reading lovely people

Lady A

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