Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Updates of No Progress


I know I'm all late and wrong, but hey, better late then never!  I hope all is well with everyone.  It feels so good to be putting an entry on this blog.  I miss updating my downfalls, lol and yes of course victories. 

Last two months I have been juicing and doing the Green Smoothie Cleanse.  I will later post the GSC by JJ Smith (I think) on here so if you are interested you can try it out.  I will start it again today.  I did lose a several pounds but not as much as I would like.

My start weight was 225lbs. Then I dropped down to  209lbs, then after Super Bowl and a day later I'm now 215, lol. 
So I must get cracking with the healthy eating.  Summer is around the corner, my daughter's high school graduation is this May, I want to travel and wear a 2 piece bathing suit and look super cute.  I'm tired of looking at all these clothes in my closest, and can't fit my dang thigh or arm in any of them.  It's so frustrating. I pretty much wear the same clothes everyday, lol.  Black pants and I change up the shirt of course.  The pants are a size 18 from Calvin Klein.  I must say they are getting too big and I'm so happy. 

My friends and I are suppose to be going to the CIAA this year which is Feb 26th.  I need to be ready. Oh and a good college friend of mine invited me to the concert with Black Street, SWV, BBD, and a couple of other artist.  He's the dj and he now travels/touring with these celebs all across the country playing for them. 
Well needless to say I want to look friggin GOOD! I mean flat out darn beautiful and 10lbs lighter, lol.  Mind you the concert is Feb 15 in Baltimore, Md.  So I don't have much time but I will bust my tail. 

I will update you all probably next Monday.  So my start weight is 215 and my goal is 205 by Feb. 14th.  I will be doing the Green Smoothie Cleanse to hopefully achieve this weight loss.

Ok that's it for now, and I wish you all the best on your weight lost journey!!!


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