Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carb Mania

Today I have been chowing down on the carbs today! From club crackers to onion bagels with cream cheese. I don't even want to know what set back I have done. Why is bread so good? Buttery crackers so tasty? Oh and don't even think about adding cheese to your bread or crackers. That's a meal itself. Let's not even go there with the regular bread n' butter. Mmmmm, especially when it's warm and you add honey. Ooooooo....ok, that's enough lusting after food.

I'll redeem myself with only 1-2 carb serving tomorrow.

Honestly, I need to add more veggies while I'm at it. I guess tonight at work I will throw wipes. I know I'll burn mega calories which will make up for my carb mania day. That's one thing I like about this job. I have lost some weight from working there. People were telling me I'll lose more if I throw wipes for 2 weeks. This one lady, Mary, was a plump 14 and now she's a size 3! Tight and tone too. I'm not trying to get down that size, but it was encouraging when she told me.

Yuppers, that's me inhaling an onion bagel with cream cheese. Boy was it good too! No regrets. I haven't had one in so long.

I know I look a mess. Actually, I just woke up. See, didn't I say I was going to reveal myself more. Lol!

Wish me well. I will be doing a serious workout. I might have another cracker too....sorry, but it was so GOOD!
Weigh in is around the corner!

BTW: Remember I couldn't show you all the pic of what the scale reported from the last weigh in. Guess what hubby deleted the picture and he also deleted a pic of a breakfast meal that I created. Nothing special, it was bagel with scramble egg and 2 slices of tomato with crushed peppers and parmesan cheese. See I knew I wasn't going crazy, because I knew the camera stored the pic! No worries, I got yall next time with the proof!


6 Bits of Love:

Myne said...

Ahhh, LOL at that pic of you. What does throwing wipes mean? I've started going out for a volunteer job I do and that's helping me too cos I usually stayed home.

Thanks for the beautiful message you left for me, I appreciate.

Yankeenaijababe said...

Tempting us all to be hungry and girl you cheating, eating all those carbs, you have to not cheat anymore or else you will have consequences. Anyways, try adding more legumes, nuts and wheat diet. It sure would help, try eating more squash, yellow and red bell peppers,red onions,zucchini...would help too.

Lady A said...

@Myne, yeah girl, that was me looking a hott mess! I work at a factory and they make baby wipes. We either package the wipes or throw them on the conveyor belt so the other workers on the line can pack them. You have to throw at a certain rate/speed. It's a workout! That's a good idea with doing volunteer work! Keeps you busy. Yeah, I have been meaning to tell you, so it was well over due. Thanks!
@YNC,hahahaaahahaa....yes, I know consequences! I love squash and zucchini and everything you listed too. The key for me is to have those foods ready available. Snack at work, I'm forever eating roasted peanuts. Thanks for those tips! So I guess if I ask for that spice cake recipe again, I'm assuming you will hold it hostage until I lose the weight, lol, hahhahahaaa. I guess that's good motivation for!

Yankeenaijababe said...

I can't give you spice cake recipe when you trying to lose weight, you know a good friend truly cares. Hope the next post is healthy o, we watching you.

bunny said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!! We both need pats on our backs. Its such hard work to lose weight. Girl, when I started my diet in Aug. I was at my heaviest which was 200 lbs!!!...Don't worry about those carbs, I eat them too, just not as much as I use to, and now it brown carbs instead of white. Good luck!! I wish you the best on your diet.

Lady A said...

@YNC, waaaaa,sniff, sniff, waaaaa! It's for the KIDS, lol, lol! They wanted to know when Auntie Chizzy was going to give it! Not for me, (ehem...clearing my throat from the lies, AHAHAA).
You are so right and I love you for that. Thank you so much, I know I will appreciate it later...when I slip in my size 12!
@Bunny, hey Ms. Lady!!! OMG, you were at 200 too?! But you didn't look it at all, what a shocker! Yeah, we have been working hard and will continue. 28 more pounds to go and I will be happy then ever! We are doing good, let's keep it up!