Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weigh In Week 2

Look at that! I lost a whole whopping pound! I better slow down, I'll be wearing a 9/10 in a wink of an eye! Honestly, that's good. Your girl over here was pigging out after I declared the Fatbusters program on blog. Ate so much that I was up to 215lbs. When I saw that, I panicked. How could I face blog world with the 5lbs gained?! So the last several days I cut out a lot (no too much). Went walking and drank water. So this morning I was scared and anxious about the weigh in. To my surprise I lost a pound from my start weight. I'm ok, hey I went down, right? Again, I will be doing the 3 day diet. Hopefully that will shed some pounds off quick b4 the wedding.Sorry it took long posting. I had a job interview. It went well.Enjoy your day!

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