Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh Dear!!! I'm Busted!

Ok, confession time.
I was doing so good before Turkey Day (Thanksgiving). I actually lost 9lbs which brought me down to 150lbs. I was so happy because I was not far from being in the 140's again. Well, well, well! That dang turkey and fixins' really fixed my tail, lol. I'm embrassed to say that I gained it all back. So now I'm 159 again. Sniff, sniff! Dang stuffing, potote salad, rice, yams, greens, gravy, turkey!!! Oh and let's not forget about my dessert plate, sniff, sniff, whaahaaaa!!!! What was I thinking?! It is what it is. Then of course you know the next day I still was eating as if I missed Thanksgiving, ugh! Double UGH!!!
I need to take a pic of my 159 self and post it. I will. Now I'm going to go and do what I need to do. My doctors will not be disappointed in my weight. I will be happy and so will they.

When I did drop the 9 pounds, these size 10 were so huge on me. I was getting excited because I knew I could be in a size 6 in no time. Now I need more time, lol, lol! Oh dear!

Yesterday and today I ate horribly. Today I had cheese curls, peanut butter jelly sandwich, candy, a juicy burger, and a sprite soda. Not used to drinking sodas, so when I did, I nearly choked. So back to pure water, my good friend.

I will try and find a recent pic. I did cut my hair. It's very low and I like it. I will show in the next post if not tonight. It's in a mohawk now.

So I'm starting my renal diet (again, lol) tommorrow. As I am typing, I am eating this coconut pie that is so darn good. I will wash it down with a cup of cold milk.

Thanks for reading!!!

Just Angela!

2 Bits of Love:

Liz said...

I just stumbled by here while clicking around- I have battled the weight monster, too! Thanksgiving beat me up bad too. I am up to 149 from 140 and feel my jeans digging in around the edges. I love your food choices pictured here and let me tell you, you look GREAT! Keep fighting.

Lady A said...

Hey Liz! I'm so sorry it took me 18 years to respond to your msg. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope you are back down to 140. I need to get serious again, ugh!
So help me God!