Thursday, October 29, 2009

Found My Reward For When I Lose 10 More Pounds

I already decided on my 'reward' for when I lose 10lbs. I have a list of rewards on the bottom right of the blog for every 10lbs I lose. That's also my motivation. When I do, I will be 176 lbs. So saying that, I have found this really cute top from Dereon. Sometimes they have a nice collection. I see Beyonce have stepped up her clothing line. Now she has real accessories. All before it was just a hat, that was it.
So here is the shirt that I want in black. I don't have a ruffled black top and this will go well with anything. Jeans, pants/slacks, shorts, and skirts will be perfect. I love clothing pieces that will work with anything. The top is $44, too much, but it's now on sale for $35. I can work with that. I wanted you all to see the back of the shirt but I was unable to copy. Very cute. It has the logo, 'Dereon' in gold on the back collar and pleats on the side and c
ollar. I'm all about details, so this shirt is so me. So feminine, sexy, and cute!

Also, I found this dress. OMG. At my job, someone brought in this Victoria's Secret catalog. I wanted just about everything I saw! We were pointing out lingerie that we did or didn't like. Then we ran across this sweater dress. OMG. We all were saying "OMG, OMG, that dress is HOT!" We were drooling over it. Yes, it was that serious. Then one of the girls said, "Angela, you would kill that dress, you got that shape." I was blushing and was flattered. Then the rest of the girls were like, "yeah Angela, you would!" I was thinking, "but my stomach, my thighs, my arms, my this, my that! If I'm going to wear a dress like that, then My God! It needs
to be correct! No half stepin in that dress and it's not forgiving. We all agreed on a hot pair of boots go with it and
I would need a show stopper bag too (if I got the dress). Bunny, you would look HOT in this dress too. We both have that shape to compliment this dress.
I checked the price and my heart dropped, lol. Too expensive. I really can't afford it BUT it is on sale for $79, still too much for me. However, if they still have this dress the end of Nov. then maybe I can get it. I doubt if they will have my size by then. Who knows, right?

Here are other sweater dresses that I like as well. YNC, you would rock that cream dress like crazy. I couldn't pull that off. Also YNC, it's on sale for $39, now that's a deal! I also like the gray dress with the pleats. For whatever reason it caught my eye, but I don't know the right accessories for it yet.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carb Mania

Today I have been chowing down on the carbs today! From club crackers to onion bagels with cream cheese. I don't even want to know what set back I have done. Why is bread so good? Buttery crackers so tasty? Oh and don't even think about adding cheese to your bread or crackers. That's a meal itself. Let's not even go there with the regular bread n' butter. Mmmmm, especially when it's warm and you add honey. Ooooooo....ok, that's enough lusting after food.

I'll redeem myself with only 1-2 carb serving tomorrow.

Honestly, I need to add more veggies while I'm at it. I guess tonight at work I will throw wipes. I know I'll burn mega calories which will make up for my carb mania day. That's one thing I like about this job. I have lost some weight from working there. People were telling me I'll lose more if I throw wipes for 2 weeks. This one lady, Mary, was a plump 14 and now she's a size 3! Tight and tone too. I'm not trying to get down that size, but it was encouraging when she told me.

Yuppers, that's me inhaling an onion bagel with cream cheese. Boy was it good too! No regrets. I haven't had one in so long.

I know I look a mess. Actually, I just woke up. See, didn't I say I was going to reveal myself more. Lol!

Wish me well. I will be doing a serious workout. I might have another cracker too....sorry, but it was so GOOD!
Weigh in is around the corner!

BTW: Remember I couldn't show you all the pic of what the scale reported from the last weigh in. Guess what hubby deleted the picture and he also deleted a pic of a breakfast meal that I created. Nothing special, it was bagel with scramble egg and 2 slices of tomato with crushed peppers and parmesan cheese. See I knew I wasn't going crazy, because I knew the camera stored the pic! No worries, I got yall next time with the proof!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Weigh In Week 8/ The Bra

Today is the day I report! I could have done a little better, but I'm not complaining too much. Last weigh in was at 189 lbs. On the scale Sunday it said 186 lbs. So I'm down 3 lbs. I rather be down then up!

Where's the pic?! I know, I know, stupid camera AGAIN! I did take the picture, but the camera kept going out again. The batteries our camera need are so expensive! However, I thought it did catch it, matter of fact, I reviewed the pic. Then after work this morning, here I am about to post the pic, why isn't it on the memory card? Strange? I'm not going to let it frustrate me again because you all will mos def get a pic for the next weigh in.

I'm feeling really good. Light on my feet. I can see a difference with the 3 lbs lost too. My 'tight' size 14 jeans aren't really tight anymore! Wow, all from 3 lbs! Arms slimming and my boobs! Let me tell you about my boobs! I got it from my mom, the busty top, heavy top, big tatas or whatever you call your girls. I started out as a 44DD. I was probably bigger then that. I was wearing my mom's bras. She was giving them to me and I needed it because I couldn't buy them at the time due to low in funds. Then I inched my way down to a 42 DD. Over time and I'm speaking for today, my boobs are much smaller. I am so happy. I brought a Victoria Secrets bra when it was on sale several months ago. They really didn't have my size, but I still wanted to get a bra because they were dirt cheap. Besides, it's VS! So I got the largest they had which was a 38 C. My slim original size was always a 34 or 36 C. Guess what. I can almost fit the bra perfectly. I just have a little and I do mean little spillage or bubble popping out the cup that can be fix. Wow almost a C cup! Man! Feels good looking down at the girls and able to see my stomach again. Wooooo hooooo!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tomorrow I Report My Weight!

I am feeling pretty good. I did well this weekend. For the most part, I stayed on task. If anything, I could have drank more water. I was enjoying the grape Kool Aid a little too much Sunday, since that day is my break day.
I didn't make myself clear of my overall goal with the whole weight loss in my welcome/introduction post. My goal is to be wearing a comfortable size 9/10. As of now, I am in a tight 14. I can still wear one or two pants that are a size 16, but they are still too big, Yahh!
This week I'm going to have to hump it more then ever. Why? I'm in between sizes and I have absolutely no clothes to really wear. It's either a BIG 16 which makes me look like I'm wearing someone's hand me downs. The 14's are just a bit too tight but I can still pull it off with a large shirt that covers the fat hanging over my jeans....muffin top. So if I lose a good 5 lbs then I should be wearing the size 14 comfortably.
After I fit into the size 12 target outfits then I will pick out another set of 3 outfits but it will be a size 9/10 and I will post a pic of them on the right side of the blog.
I haven't been working out like I want to, but I did some type of cardio. If not cardio, then light toning. But this week, I will mos def increase it. There is no excuse because we have a home gym in our basement, lol.
Ok lovely peoples, stay tuned with my results. Tomorrow I shall report!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I have been on a diet roller coaster for 10yrs. Lose, gain, lose, gain more, lose some and cycle seemed like it didn't stop. I would take diet pills for the quick weight loss. Yes, it did work, but unfortunately 2yrs ago, it affected my heart where I had to get surgery. Now I'm doing it the natural way. The healthier and realistic way. I have cut out a lot of sweets and started eating fruits to fix my sweet tooth. Fresh vegetables, lean meat and good carbs are now a main part of my diet. Water plays a big part of my diet, but when I'm tired of water, I add Crystal Light. I do have a 'free day' where I eat whatever I like, but I don't over do it. Pizza is the main thing I eat on my 'free day'. This way I'm not depriving myself and I feel content.
In this blog, I will be revealing who I am. So you get to take a personal journey of Lady A's life in the healthy eating world. Here, I'm not Lady A....I'm still a lady, but since you all will be on a more intimate level in my world, I'm just Angela. This is the new different me. I want to embrace the beauty that was always within me since life challenges hid it over the years. On the right side of the blog are a list some characteristics that I would like to carry on this journey for life, so I will be working on this as well as my weight. In the process of the weight loss, I will be giving myself a complete MAKEOVER from head to toe. I will be sharing with everyone what I am doing with nails, hair, make-up, clothes, perfume and whatever else. Here I will be sharing my transformation of me losing the weight. I will be weighing in every Sunday morning, but I will not post it until Monday.
To see pictures of me at my heaviest, please scroll down to the very first post. I will be posting more pictures of me when I was slim.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Butt Like Jello

Last night at work my buddies and I were playing around like always. Mersey (Cameroon) and Esther (Haiti) and I were trying to hit each other. We are just plain silly. Esther was hitting Mersey like crazy (all fun and games) and then I joined in and started hitting her as well on her side. We were all laughing and then Mersey slapped my butt (no not gay, it's a shame we females can't cut up because now everything is 'so gay'). When she did, she jumped back as if something grossed her out. She told Esther to touch my butt (like the side part, you know the saddle bag). Mersey was steadying laughing and I kind of figured what the deal was. Esther touched my side butt and said, "Ewww! wow, you are mushy! Like a sponge!" Mersey fell out laughing. I was embarrassed, but I played it off and said, "yeah, I know, it's like jello!" We all laughed, but deep down inside I my feelings were hurt.
So then I touched Mersey's saddle bags/side butt and mind you she not slim, not even close, BUT she is solid. Nothing jiggling, mushy, soft or spongy. I remember that's how I used to be, solid and tight. I took it granted.
My upper body is much tighter then my bottom. Even my torso is tighter then my thighs/butt area even though I have two rolls. Mmmm, I wonder does my husband complain or grossed out when he touches my butt? He likes slapping it and see jiggle (that's what he says).
After that scenario at work, it just made me more aware and determine to slim down and tone up. It's really awake up call. It's on now!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Next Goal Outfits Size 12

These pictures do not give the clothes any justice, but it's the best my little camera can do. So here are my 3 target goal outfits. All of the bottoms are a size 12 and tops are medium/large.

  • The first outfit on the left is a white ruffle Bebe blouse that I brought years ago and tags are still on! The bottom is a grey skirt with an oversize silver belt that I brought from J.C. Penny's.
  • The middle outfit which I love so much is a basic, chic, yet makes a loud statement when worn with the right accessories! The ruffle fine line plaid jacket is from Charlotte Russe and the button down blue jeans are from Value City.
  • Third outfit is a killer. I brought the blouse from Arden B. It's a light pink off shoulder top that has lace running down the side of the arm and on the front of the blouse. There are two tassels that hang in the front. Now the sailor pants are from T.J.Maxx and you wouldn't believe how much I paid for them. How I came up with this look was from Arden B. @ the VA mall. They matched up the blouse with sailor pants and I couldn't keep my eyes off of the mannequin. It was just so gorgeous and glam. Who would have thought to match those two together?! I remembered that I had a pair of sailor pants at home so now I'm really debating. Then this guy comes in the store with his girlfriend and his eyes went straight to the mannequin and said, "wow, wow, that top is hot, man, that's beautiful!" Needless to say, my debate was over. I quickly power walked (didn't want to run and look desperate) where the shirts were and found my size, the popular MEDUIM. I exhaled.
All of the outfits still have tags on them. It's like a new wardrobe, well it is. So I need all the prayers in the world to pull off this size 12. Remember, after I reach 12, then I just have one more size left. I thought this day would never come. I am so mindful of what I put in mouth too. However I do need to increase my workouts which I really haven't been doing. I work 3rd shift and it's a killer. By the time I get off work, I don't want to do any type of excerise. I'm just going to have to push myself.

Guacamole In The Making

I love good guacamole! This is a very simple dish to make. I enjoy it with 3 pieces jerk chicken wings and a serving size of brown rice. The guacamole gives a nice cool soft taste since the jerk chicken is spicy and hot. I think guacamole is best with spicy foods. Sorry, no picture of the jerk chicken wings, I was so hungry that I scoffed down the wings. Avocado is a healthy fruit, vegtable, what the heck is it, lol! It's good healthy eating, that's what it is!

Recipe For Guacamole:

  • 1 avocado
  • 1 small tomato chopped
  • 1 small slice of red onion or less or none
  • 1 lime, lemon or lemon juice
  • 3-4 dashes of salt (to your taste)


  • Cut the avocado in half and take out the seed
  • Keep the avocado skin for later, will be used to put the guacamole in
  • spoon out the avocado into a bowl

I put all the ingredients in a bowl as shown above. Then you will mix it all together. Don't make it too mushy unless that is how you want it. Then put in fridge for it to chill.

Caution! It's best to not have the guacamole in the fridge too long because it will brown. So eat as soon as possible! Or add a little more lemon/lime so the browning process won't be bad.

This is what it should look like after you mix all of your ingredients. Might look gross but it's good!
You will later take the avocado skin that you cut in half and scoop out the guacamole and place it in the avocado skin. I do this to make the presentation look good. It's creative and cute too. Too bad I didn't have any white corn chips, mmmm....

Hope you try and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weigh In Week 7 To A Different Me!

Lol, check out my chip polish. I know, I nice, lol.
Man! You guys probably thought I fell off the wagon with this whole losing weight thing right?! Not! Playtime is over. Ok! Remember my last weigh in? It was exactly 200.lbs. Remember how I was whining and crying about being out of the 200' seem like I was stuck for a while. Readers, followers, commenter's, anonymous people, heheeeee, I'm now 188.8! I lost 12lbs!

Wait, wait. I know the scale says 189. Here is the deal. When I weighed myself first thing Sunday morning, the scale said 187.8, then I did it again but the next time it said 188.8. I was like, "Nooooo!" So I hopped on the scale again and it said 189.8! I hate digital scales sometimes! Each time I had the camera in my hand ready to take a pic, but because the camera is low on batteries, it kept shutting off!!!! So I was unable to take the pic of the scale saying 187! So when I tried again, the same thing happened, but the scale now said 188 and I was HOT! So why now I did it the third time, the stupid camera finally kept a little bit of juice and I took the pic, but only for the scale to say 189! I'm thinking that my readers are going to think I'm lying if I told them 187 with no proof, lol. So you know what, out of all those 3 different readings, I'm picking 188lbs although it says 189lbs.
You lovely people do see that I'm out of the 200's FINALLY!
I can fit into my size 14 jeans! They are a little tight, but it's appropriate to still wear.
Check out the pic on the right side of my blog. I'm in a pair of size 14 JEANS!

Taking A Break

I will still be watching what I am eating, however I'll start posting the weigh in numbers after summer.
Yes, I will still be mindful of what I'm putting in my mouth. So I will be updating with you all after summer.

Weigh In Week 6

I didn't forget. I weighed in Monday morning but because I already posted a post I wanted to wait. I'm down 5lbs! Yahhh! Wow you guys are really praying HARD for me. Kisses and hugs to all! Thanks everyone for the encouragement, means a lot and I don't take it lightly. So now I need to be OUT the 200's. I need to see 19...... I'm shooting for 195, heck I'll take 196 or 7. Do you know what this means. If I could lose close to 10lbs, then I will be able to fit into a size 14!!!! I haven't been a 14 since baby Jesus was a baby....ok, did that make sense? I have been a whopping size 18-20 for the longest. Now I can wear a size 16. Trying to fit into these size 14 jeans by the end of the month. We shall see! Check out my white toe nails, lol. That's my favorite summer color that I rock often. My signature look. So YNC, I painted the toes myself. I know you can tell, lol. Cool, I just noticed the date is on the scale, so now that's really confirmation for you guys that it was MONDAY, lol. I know yall trust me.

Til next weigh in,

Weigh In Week 5

I'm sure you all read the last post. If not then don't be alarmed that I have gained. Not happy, but not sad because it was worst a couple of days ago. So when I got on the scale this morning and saw that I gained 5lbs, I didn't feel so bad. Why? Several days ago, I was 210lbs, lol. I think it was water and salt.So now I'm more for real then ever and will knock this out the park. I had my last apple fritter from Wawa, I have tasted enough chocolate glazed doughnuts, and I don't need to see McD's, Burger King, or Dairy Queen anymore. I have cut my ties with them and said good- bye til futher notice.I received a call yesterday for a baby shower invite this weekend. This is not the same baby shower I mentioned in the last post. When I see the mother-to-be for the 6th time, lol, yes, 6, I wanna be 5lbs lighter when what I am now.Why is it during the summer, all these events pop out of no where?! I'm enjoying them, but goodness, it's always something going on !Ok, so that's it for now. Til then I'll still be on there rambling. Remember, Golden Wives Club blog is open to the public for the summer. So enjoy your week!

Sorry, No Pic/ Weigh In week 4

Hey guys. Sorry, no pic this time, but please believe me when I say I'm now 200lbs. So I'm down 3lbs. Yahhh, could be better, but I can't complain. I'm almost out of the 200's! We need to have a party, cake, ice cream, pizza, hot wings, see that's what got my butt in this situation now, lol! I really haven't updated my other blogs. Please be patience. Life is getting a bit rough and busy.

However, trust and believe God with all your heart that He's working everything out on your behalf no matter how bad it may seem. You will get through this in Christ Jesus.Til then, one love!

Weigh In Week 3

So sorry guys. Life has been extremely busy and a lil hectic but not in a bad way. Internet is down, so I'm over parents place to say "hi" to you all.
All is well over here. Just doing the wifey, mommy thing. Trying to bring in extra money with this new job I have. I worked 3rd shift. Didn't want to but that's all they had. A lot of Haitians work there and the Haitian men are sooo flirtatious that it is ridiculous! I told them that I was married, but they just don't care. Come to find out one of them has a wife back in Haiti! Oh come on!!! I told my hubby several stories and we both be bagging up laughing. Saying things what I should have done or said. But honestly, one guy took it a little too far. But this one is Puerto Rican has been all in my face since I started. He tried to hug me and I kinda sorta hug, but my arms never did touch him. You know those kind of hugs where you don't embrace. Well we were walking and he tried to hug and as he did, his hand nonaccidently embraced my butt with a light squeeze. Now I'm pissed. I pushed him in his chest. He begged for my forgiveness the best he could since he barley spoke English. I told him next time I will slap him hard and report it.

Well, my weigh in for this week..Monday morning is 203. So I'm down a good 6lbs thanks to my job. I'm almost out of the 200's!

Weigh In Week 2

Look at that! I lost a whole whopping pound! I better slow down, I'll be wearing a 9/10 in a wink of an eye! Honestly, that's good. Your girl over here was pigging out after I declared the Fatbusters program on blog. Ate so much that I was up to 215lbs. When I saw that, I panicked. How could I face blog world with the 5lbs gained?! So the last several days I cut out a lot (no too much). Went walking and drank water. So this morning I was scared and anxious about the weigh in. To my surprise I lost a pound from my start weight. I'm ok, hey I went down, right? Again, I will be doing the 3 day diet. Hopefully that will shed some pounds off quick b4 the wedding.Sorry it took long posting. I had a job interview. It went well.Enjoy your day!

Weigh in tommorrow.I'm so not ready. I didn't even post a pic...I'm sure you know how I'm feeling.Why did I start this foolishness?! I could back out, but I can't. When I start something, I finish it. DANG!!!!! Alright, I'll confess now. Did pretty bad. Been overwhelmed because I care for my 90yr. old grandmother. It's not a glamorous job at all! Basically I'm the nurse. I bet you guys are saying, "what does that has to do with her losing weight." You are right, it has nothing to do with it.However, lol, hubby and I have a wedding go to in NY. There is this blouse I want to fit in and I pray that I do. It's very pretty. So I'm going to do the 3 day diet 2morrow. I wanna look nice for this event.I'll be back in 8-9 hours to report what the scale says, ohhhh noooooo!

Different Me 1st Week

Ok so this is my start weight ladies and gents 210.4. I apologize for the glare but it does say what it says, lol.
This weekend I have been munching since I knew I'll be doing the whole eating right, but I did lose 2lbs from last week.
I'm thinking about doing the jump start of the 3 day diet (read last post) but I'm not sure. It's a bit strict.
Again, I'll be weighing in every Monday. So this week I will try and kick butt! I will push myself to exercise very day for at least 30 mins. No sweets/sodas for me! Straight water or Crystal Light. I will try and do more fruits and veggies then usual. May the games begin!

Past & Present Pictures

Small Me Size 9/10 & 11/12

Oh no, at my largest ever! I was HUGE! Size 20!

I could have passed as baby elephant since I was standing next to those animals.

Everyone is small but me!

Size 18 jeans

Summer 2009

Size 16, still look big

My sisters and I. Growing up, I was always the biggest one and they were the skinny ones. Sis on the left was 7months preggers.

Me on my 33rd birthday. Aug. 6, 2009. I was 195lb