Friday, October 23, 2009

I have been on a diet roller coaster for 10yrs. Lose, gain, lose, gain more, lose some and cycle seemed like it didn't stop. I would take diet pills for the quick weight loss. Yes, it did work, but unfortunately 2yrs ago, it affected my heart where I had to get surgery. Now I'm doing it the natural way. The healthier and realistic way. I have cut out a lot of sweets and started eating fruits to fix my sweet tooth. Fresh vegetables, lean meat and good carbs are now a main part of my diet. Water plays a big part of my diet, but when I'm tired of water, I add Crystal Light. I do have a 'free day' where I eat whatever I like, but I don't over do it. Pizza is the main thing I eat on my 'free day'. This way I'm not depriving myself and I feel content.
In this blog, I will be revealing who I am. So you get to take a personal journey of Lady A's life in the healthy eating world. Here, I'm not Lady A....I'm still a lady, but since you all will be on a more intimate level in my world, I'm just Angela. This is the new different me. I want to embrace the beauty that was always within me since life challenges hid it over the years. On the right side of the blog are a list some characteristics that I would like to carry on this journey for life, so I will be working on this as well as my weight. In the process of the weight loss, I will be giving myself a complete MAKEOVER from head to toe. I will be sharing with everyone what I am doing with nails, hair, make-up, clothes, perfume and whatever else. Here I will be sharing my transformation of me losing the weight. I will be weighing in every Sunday morning, but I will not post it until Monday.
To see pictures of me at my heaviest, please scroll down to the very first post. I will be posting more pictures of me when I was slim.

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Yankeenaijababe said...

Quite impressive for real, this is the real thing. I love how you personalized the blog, pictures of yourself, everything. It feels so real to me, did not know you started blogging here already, I thought the blog just opened up. Another discussion with you for another day. You have to explain why I missed out on some old post

Seriously this blog is going to be an inspiration to many struggling with weight issues, the hair, makeup and clothes makeover with you. I am sure looking out for that as well. This is real, this is big. I know you can do it concerning the weight loss, just don't give up on yourself. I will be part of this journey,just added it to my blog list. Stay divalicious.

Lady A said...

Hey YNC!!!! Yes the blog did just open up, however I was trying something new. As I was working on the blog, I decided to go on and post some entries (trying to get ahead) so that way readers will have a lot to read. Really, those 'weigh in' post are nothing but the same post from my orginal blog, so you probably read all of those. I also posted 2-3 entries in one day and as you can see, I did the introduction last so then that way it is the first post people will read. U too sweet, lol, but the blog just opened. Trust me, you and Ms.Iee were the first to know.
Thanks so much for you words. I know we will enjoy this journey together. Little do you know, you are my cheerleader and I appreciate it so much! So dust off those pom poms, put the skirt back on and start cheering cuz boy do I need it, lol! Love you!

Myne said...

Angela, you're a beautiful lady! Gosh I just had to say that. LOL. Your pictures say it better than anything else. You've been big but I think you're doing much better now. I'll be cheering you on and encouraging myself too. Thanks for that guacamole recipe. I've added you so will be back.

Lady A said...

@Myne, thank you! There are many days I don't feel as if I am and trying to work on it. Thanks for your encouragement, matter of fact, dust off your pom poms too, lol, and put the cheerleader skirt on, lol. I will be needing it, lol. I will be adding more recipes as time go on. Thanks dear!