Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Next Goal Outfits Size 12

These pictures do not give the clothes any justice, but it's the best my little camera can do. So here are my 3 target goal outfits. All of the bottoms are a size 12 and tops are medium/large.

  • The first outfit on the left is a white ruffle Bebe blouse that I brought years ago and tags are still on! The bottom is a grey skirt with an oversize silver belt that I brought from J.C. Penny's.
  • The middle outfit which I love so much is a basic, chic, yet makes a loud statement when worn with the right accessories! The ruffle fine line plaid jacket is from Charlotte Russe and the button down blue jeans are from Value City.
  • Third outfit is a killer. I brought the blouse from Arden B. It's a light pink off shoulder top that has lace running down the side of the arm and on the front of the blouse. There are two tassels that hang in the front. Now the sailor pants are from T.J.Maxx and you wouldn't believe how much I paid for them. How I came up with this look was from Arden B. @ the VA mall. They matched up the blouse with sailor pants and I couldn't keep my eyes off of the mannequin. It was just so gorgeous and glam. Who would have thought to match those two together?! I remembered that I had a pair of sailor pants at home so now I'm really debating. Then this guy comes in the store with his girlfriend and his eyes went straight to the mannequin and said, "wow, wow, that top is hot, man, that's beautiful!" Needless to say, my debate was over. I quickly power walked (didn't want to run and look desperate) where the shirts were and found my size, the popular MEDUIM. I exhaled.
All of the outfits still have tags on them. It's like a new wardrobe, well it is. So I need all the prayers in the world to pull off this size 12. Remember, after I reach 12, then I just have one more size left. I thought this day would never come. I am so mindful of what I put in mouth too. However I do need to increase my workouts which I really haven't been doing. I work 3rd shift and it's a killer. By the time I get off work, I don't want to do any type of excerise. I'm just going to have to push myself.

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