Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tomorrow I Report My Weight!

I am feeling pretty good. I did well this weekend. For the most part, I stayed on task. If anything, I could have drank more water. I was enjoying the grape Kool Aid a little too much Sunday, since that day is my break day.
I didn't make myself clear of my overall goal with the whole weight loss in my welcome/introduction post. My goal is to be wearing a comfortable size 9/10. As of now, I am in a tight 14. I can still wear one or two pants that are a size 16, but they are still too big, Yahh!
This week I'm going to have to hump it more then ever. Why? I'm in between sizes and I have absolutely no clothes to really wear. It's either a BIG 16 which makes me look like I'm wearing someone's hand me downs. The 14's are just a bit too tight but I can still pull it off with a large shirt that covers the fat hanging over my jeans....muffin top. So if I lose a good 5 lbs then I should be wearing the size 14 comfortably.
After I fit into the size 12 target outfits then I will pick out another set of 3 outfits but it will be a size 9/10 and I will post a pic of them on the right side of the blog.
I haven't been working out like I want to, but I did some type of cardio. If not cardio, then light toning. But this week, I will mos def increase it. There is no excuse because we have a home gym in our basement, lol.
Ok lovely peoples, stay tuned with my results. Tomorrow I shall report!

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