Thursday, October 29, 2009

Found My Reward For When I Lose 10 More Pounds

I already decided on my 'reward' for when I lose 10lbs. I have a list of rewards on the bottom right of the blog for every 10lbs I lose. That's also my motivation. When I do, I will be 176 lbs. So saying that, I have found this really cute top from Dereon. Sometimes they have a nice collection. I see Beyonce have stepped up her clothing line. Now she has real accessories. All before it was just a hat, that was it.
So here is the shirt that I want in black. I don't have a ruffled black top and this will go well with anything. Jeans, pants/slacks, shorts, and skirts will be perfect. I love clothing pieces that will work with anything. The top is $44, too much, but it's now on sale for $35. I can work with that. I wanted you all to see the back of the shirt but I was unable to copy. Very cute. It has the logo, 'Dereon' in gold on the back collar and pleats on the side and c
ollar. I'm all about details, so this shirt is so me. So feminine, sexy, and cute!

Also, I found this dress. OMG. At my job, someone brought in this Victoria's Secret catalog. I wanted just about everything I saw! We were pointing out lingerie that we did or didn't like. Then we ran across this sweater dress. OMG. We all were saying "OMG, OMG, that dress is HOT!" We were drooling over it. Yes, it was that serious. Then one of the girls said, "Angela, you would kill that dress, you got that shape." I was blushing and was flattered. Then the rest of the girls were like, "yeah Angela, you would!" I was thinking, "but my stomach, my thighs, my arms, my this, my that! If I'm going to wear a dress like that, then My God! It needs
to be correct! No half stepin in that dress and it's not forgiving. We all agreed on a hot pair of boots go with it and
I would need a show stopper bag too (if I got the dress). Bunny, you would look HOT in this dress too. We both have that shape to compliment this dress.
I checked the price and my heart dropped, lol. Too expensive. I really can't afford it BUT it is on sale for $79, still too much for me. However, if they still have this dress the end of Nov. then maybe I can get it. I doubt if they will have my size by then. Who knows, right?

Here are other sweater dresses that I like as well. YNC, you would rock that cream dress like crazy. I couldn't pull that off. Also YNC, it's on sale for $39, now that's a deal! I also like the gray dress with the pleats. For whatever reason it caught my eye, but I don't know the right accessories for it yet.

4 Bits of Love:

Myne said...

Now you're tempting me, LOL. I really love the black dereon top. Let me go see...

Lady A said...

@Myne, lol, help yourself hon! That top is hot and the back of it is hot too! They had other colors that were hot as well. If they run out of the black then I will get the chocolate/brown.

Yankeenaijababe said...

am loving the dresses from victoria secrets, i have a black sweater dress which my baby loves so much on me.

girl, this new inspiration is the top from beyonce's we getting so excited with all this brand names.

Hope you have a good weekend,thanks for the weddingsite, I was so busy this past 2 stay blessed and send my greetings to the family

Lady A said...

@YNC, girl, I get excited with nice things period, lol, brand name or not, if it's hot, then I'm on it (if funds allow me, lol). This particular item caught my eye and it's just too cute! Enjoying my weekend. My sis just came over to pick up your nieces and nephew to take them to Hallelujah night. So hubby and I are enjoying each other' company.
Yeah, I figured you were busy or something, because you were MIA for a sec and didn't update your blog. U too be blessed and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Muah*