Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grey Or Green Eye Contacts?

I have been wearing contacts since sophomore year of college. It all started because I wanted a total different look. I believe the eyes
say it all and I wanted my eyes to say a lot of good things. Having brown eyes wasn't doing it anymore for me. Seems like everyone has brown eyes. I wanted my eyes to pop like Stacey Dash. Her's are gorgeous.I'm happy in the skin I'm in but I am a firm believer of enhancing one's beauty.

I have worn hazel, grey, and green contacts for over 10 yrs and each of them looked natural. So natural to the point where people would ask are those my real eyes.
No longer a hazel contact wearer. That color is too popular. So then I did green for a while. It was cute, but later I fell in love with the grey.

I have tried other colors which I looked crazy in. Blue, purple (as if!), amber, light brown, and another color I can't recall at this time.
So there you have it. Grey or green? I'm forever leaning towards the grey contacts but the green are just as cute. I like that exotic look. I feel as though the grey's are the best choice for that. I'm wearing green in the pic below. And the first pic I'm wearing grey.

Lately I haven't been wearing my contacts by the way, they do have medicine in them,
due to work and I only have one pair left. So I wear my glasses.
That's me and my sisters. The one in the middle is wearing grey contacts. I think she always pulls off the look very well. I wasn't wearing any that day.

Next year on my 2010 beauty list, I want to wear my contact religiously like I used to. So I'm debating to do grey or green. Whatever color I pick this go round, I will stick with it for a very, very, long time. Keep in mind my hair will be jet black. I think grey with jet black hair goes so very well. Let me know!

2 Bits of Love:

Myne said...

From your pics, I'm tilting towards the green. Still personally I'll go for a shade of brown or black so maybe the grey?

Lady A said...

@Myne, Ahhhh! Lol, lol. I was hoping you would say grey. Ok, so far one vote for green! Thanks!