Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't Like the Hair, Then Use Nair!

Nair is one of my favorite products for hair removal. I forgot to take a picture of the facial Nair creme, but you can find it with the other Nair products.

I have been using Nair for many years. Removing hair from legs, under arms, chin, upper lip, jawline, and even private area is so easy. Just do it before taking a shower or a bath!

Whatever you Nair will feel so soft and smooth.

During the summer, I like to use the microwave wax for my legs. This product does wonders. Your legs will be hairless for up to 3-4 weeks, depending on how fast the hair grows back. If/when I shave my legs, I notice I get hair stubs in just a couple of days. It doesn't give me that fresh silky sexy look. Not cool!

There is nothing worse then for me to see a woman's hairy underarms. Yeck! Me seeing that takes me over the edge. If you are wearing sleeveless shirts, please keep your underarms clean. Looking at hairy pits with deodorant stuck in the hairs (looks like a cotton field) is so not the answer.

I Naired my underarms a couple of days ago. I try not to shave because it will have your underarms looking darker. I forgot the proper name of what cosmologist call it, but I'm sure you have seen the dark cloud (as I call it) under female arms. So I try and not shave, but when I'm in a rush, I do shave.

Oh, before I forget, the only thing I don't like about Nair body lotion is the smell of it. It smells funny, that's why I like to take a hot shower when I have used it.

So there are some of my products I use for hair removal: Nair Microwave Wax and Nair Body Lotion. Don't exceed 10 minutes. Enjoy the radiant smooth skin!

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Myne said...

Thanks for the recommendation.

Lady A said...

No problem!

Anoda Phase said...

yeah, I like Nair too...

Lady A said...

@Anoda, *wink*
How have you been? Ready your Thanksgiving Day,