Friday, November 6, 2009

I Want Cake!

Today we will be celebrating my nephew's birthday at Chuckie Cheese and all I can think about is the cake.

I haven't had a slice of moist delicious cake in months and I really want some. I told myself if the cake is brought from Food Lion or Sam's Club then I will not have any. Their cakes taste like any other cake. Nothing special, I call those 'taste one tasted them all cakes'. But if my sister brought the cake from one of the local bakery then, uh ohh...I just might.

However, remember all that smack I was talking how I was going to go hard this week (again). Well I slipped up and the crazy thing was that I really didn't even want what I ate. Why do I do that? If you are going to indulge, then dang it, do it with something you have been craving, right? Actually I did, it was pizza, but I didn't get it from my usual place which is Pat's. I got my two slices from Roma's which wasn't all that great, but I still ate it. Why? So now those are calories wasted.

I think I gained for this week. I was doing so good but after Wednesday I just misbehaved. I'm sad. If I maintained for this week, then I'm happy. So if I stay 185, then I'm good.
Lovely peoples, enjoy your weekend and be safe. Please wish me well going to this bday party, lol. Pray, pray, prayyyyyyyy!

2 Bits of Love:

Yankeenaijababe said...

Girl, did you mention hungry for moist cake....Keep away from the You lucky I was sick and let you type this temptation

Ok, am reading on

Lady A said...

@YNC, hahahhaaaaaa. You got me baggin up again, lol.
I took advantage of you when you were sick. My intentions were to really eat some cake and not hear you fuss at me, lol. However, that's not how it
Girllll, if you weren't sick, you would have laid it on me THICK!!!!!!!!!