Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Next Hair Style

I had absolutely no clue on how I'm going to have my hair.
Don't want a wig. So tired of those, that's all I wore for months and it made my edges thin out. Don't want micro braids. I did those for 2 years. I wanted the Senegalese twist. Loving them! Never had it done before, but then I realized I'm still job hunting. Yeah, I'm old fashion. I want to have a not so 'sista sista' look. Where I live, they are even hard on the ones who wear dreadlocks and big braids, so I need to be careful.
Actually, after I get the job, then I will get the Senegalese twist done.
My hair is natural and I want to keep it like that for a while. So no perms! I don't even want to hot press my hair yet. I might do that in January.

After thinking long and hard. I believe I'm going to get a sew in weave. It protects my real hair since I don't want it out. All I have to do is shake and go'. Low maintaince too. Oil sheen and some hair jam and I'm good to go.
This would be perfect since I'm working out, sweating, working in a factory and with this doo I don't have to wrap my hair.
I plan on getting the deep wave synthetic hair.
This hair brand is from Outre, the deep wave. It doesn't have to be this long, but whatever is cheaper for me to get then that's what it is. I want to get my hair done before Thanksgiving. So that's the plan.

Hey, I realized that when I lose 4 more pounds, then I will be at my 50lbs mark. A total of 50lbs lost. Wow! That's a lot of weight. No wonder my knees and back was hurting. When my hair is done, I will post pics.

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Myne said...

I'm going to put in a weave before thanksgiving too. I almost put one in before my bday but postponed it till after a retouch. I will put in an afro, had a curly one the last time.

Your weight loss really amazes me. Well done!

And thanks for the comments on my blog. Sorry you didn't get to ask a question but you can check out the answers now.

Lady A said...

@Myne, great minds think alike! I hope it turns out right, I haven't had a wavy weave in a long time.
I'm trying with the weight lost. I'm just fed up and beyond tired. The weight has to go!
I love how you keep a mystery to yourself on your blog, we love it and thanks for sharing the slide show. That was a real treat and surprise. Off to check the answers....

Yankeenaijababe said...

Yeah to natural hair journey, keep it that way for real. You don't need a perm or hot iron. Can't wait to see pictures of the new do, I understand when you say tired of wearing wigs, sometimes wigs can be a pain but a sister has no choice but to were it.

Lady A said...

@YNC, I haven't been natural since I was a child. Now that's a long time! My hair deserves a break from chemicals. You should see how wavy and curly it is. Hair almost look indian, lol. I didn't know it was like this. I do love my wigs still, but I really need to break from them.

Unknown said...

i am going on a chin length weave, the weather is terrible right now in nigeria

Lady A said...

@Tara, it's cold and rainy over here, so a sew in weave would be great for me too. That length would be really cute on you too, especially if you do the chinese bang with it. So chic. Thanks for stopping by!