Monday, November 9, 2009

Weigh In Week 10

Last time I weighed in I was at 185 lbs. My goal was to lose 3lbs that week. However I did have some set backs, but low and behold I have surprised myself and lost 2lbs. So now I'm down to 183lbs. Not bad. I did try and make up for the cheating days the last several days. I'm almost out of the 180's!
Someone at work tonight/last night said I lost a lot of weight. When they did say that, I was like, "finally, someone notices!" Then they kept saying it too. It felt good.
Oh guess what. Those size 14 jeans I was wearing in the pic that's labeled 'Size 14 Jeans.' Well, in the picture, they were really tight, but now they are loose. I can even pinch at least an inch of extra jean on my behind. Whoooo hooooo!
So the goal for this week is to continue to eat healthy and give you all some recipes. No particular weight lost number, just do regular exercise, 50+ crunches, 4 sets of squats, and 5 sets of 10lb weights on arms. I need to incorporate more stretching.
I only got one vote for 'what color contacts, grey or green?' So I will later do it again. Hopefully then there will be more participants. But this time, I will show other colors. The plan is to take my camera to my optometrist appt, try on every color contacts and take pictures in them. Then you will be able to vote on the best natural looking pair of contacts. Whatever color contacts has the most votes, then that is the one I'll probably pick for the new year 2010.
Lovely peoples, thanks for reading and taking the time out. God bless you all and have a wonderful day! Remember, God will give you the desires of your heart, somethings may take a little longer, but just know that it's coming. Don't give up. Stay encourage for He has not forgotten about you!

7 Bits of Love:

Myne said...

Wow you're really doing this. You can't know how it encourages me. It helps that I'm losing too, though not as much as you. Lost one pound last week...LOL

Lady A said...

@Myne, thanks! Girl, I really feel like I have no choice. The secret is soup which I will later post about. One pound is better then none. Also, my job has a lot to do with it, so much moving around.

Yankeenaijababe said...


You can say that again, this is really inspiring to anyone trying to lose weight. I am loving it

@lady a

Wow! You go girl, losing 2 lbs already, that's good. Really really love seeing the live results, it takes dedication and eating right to want to do what you doing, you are on the right track. I love the recipes you always put on the blog, can we have 1 or 2 yummy recipes sooner. Thanks girl!

I am happy to be feeling much better, thanks for the e-card. I really appreciate it.

Lady A said...

@YNC, you are too sweet. Yeah, 2lbs, and I'm still shock about it too. Last week was really difficult but I did lose. No worries about the recipes. I will be posting them very soon.
So glad to have you back, that flu must have been a killer, you even shut down your FB :o(

Yankeenaijababe said...

@lady A

My facebook is a whole different story, have bunch of trouble makers there. I am off and on on facebook for now. My family friend is giving me some serious troubles with my page, he's always sending wrong messages, need him to calm down a little bit.

bunny said...

YAY for you!!!, thats awesome!, 2 lbs, is alot! Stay focus mama, you will hit your goal in no time.

Lady A said...

@YNC, so sorry to hear that, however it might be best to block him until he cools off. That will teach his butt a lesson, lol. Then when/if you feel like it, add him again....if he cuts up again, block him and be done with it.
@Bunny, thanks! Yeah, you are right, stay focus and I'll be at my goal! I'm trying, I'm trying.... I still want cake, lol!