Friday, November 13, 2009

Cheat Day!

I just got finish devouring two slices of cheese pizza and boy was it good. What happen to the soup and other healthy food choices one might be asking. Ha! Today is my cheat day! This is were I pick one day out of the week and eat whatever I want. I do keep in mind how much of it I eat. I didn't have a cheat day last week because I pigged out on carbs. Remember my Carb Mania Day?

Cheat days are great for me because after working hard with the eating healthy, I do feel like I deprive myself of my foods I crave for throughout the diet. When I feel like I'm depriving myself, I later go on a feeding frenzy, eating everything in sight. I know me. I have done this in the past. When I have done this, I could possibly gain 2-5 pounds. Yes, it's that serious. So I had to create a cheat/break day. Only ONE day out the week. I'll eat whatever my taste buds have been screaming for. From cake, cookies, chips, hot dogs, cheeseburger, pizza, or eating at a restaurant, I will enjoy this day. So if there is a special event on a Saturday then I will save my cheat day for that day. If it's Friday, Sunday, etc....then I'm mindful to save that day for being a Cheat Day.
For the last two weeks, I had a craving for pizza. So that's what I went for. Later today I'll probably eat a light salad and a piece of fruit. I'm hoping this didn't set me back. I shouldn't since all I had was the pizza today. I'm so full and don't want to think of eating anything else...

Weigh in is around the corner. I'm feeling good and curious to know how I did. I know you all are too. I don't expect to lose a lot like I did when I was in the hospital eating soup. I wouldn't want to drop that much anyway. But if I could lose at least 3 pounds this week then I'm happy. Hope I did ok this week. We'll see!

What is it about pizza that makes it so good? The most basic food with all the food groups. Bread, sauce, and cheese. That's it! Yet it's the best thing ever!

3 Bits of Love:

Yankeenaijababe said...

lol...talking about pizza being so good and yummy, my sister is making some right now in the kitchen. I guess it's just the way those yummy pepperoni, ham and sausage, mixed with some tomatoe sauce, hard crusted fresh bread taste in your mouth. Am craving some

Hope you enjoy your weekend, can't wait to see results sooner, hope it would be good news. You stay blessed.

Myne said...

OK, from the write-up I can see how to rationalise it. I couldn't do it though, may just fall off the wagon.

Lady A said...

@YNC, lol, glad I had my fix of pizza already! I'm still full and satisfied!
@Myne, Girl! I have to do this or I will fall off the wagon. Better yet crash like crazy. Lol!